Charlie's Ark - Belper

A holiday home for your dog

Licensee Ric Reader   

Licence ref: 18/07368/ANIWELL

Awarded 5 star licence by Amber Valley Borough Council


     Hello and welcome to Charlie's Ark, the only dog boarding establishment ( to my knowledge ) run by a Cavalier  King Charles Spaniel.I am ably assisted by my Dad/front of house/general manager Ric.Together we face the rigours of this wicked world alone ( Dad says that might be a contradiction in terms but I'm writing this so we are going with it ).

In our brave quest we are normally joined by just 3 other dogs my size or smaller ( sometimes 4 at really busy times providing 2 of them come from the same household , as stipulated by our council licence ). So, it's normally 3 small dogs, me, Dad & the elements ! We live very much as a pack, where one goes we all go. We are lucky enough to have lovely green walks in every direction just minutes from the front door and these can be on or off lead depending on your preference.

Back at base the house and large garden are very much geared to we four legged types so if you are not allowed on the sofa at home it may be better to look at somewhere a little more rigid for your holidays. Providing lolling on the sofa is your thing then you couldn't do better for your break, all your holiday chums will be roughly the same size, there will be great walks ( alternatives for those who can't walk so far ) and Dad will show you all the love & protection that he gives to me around the clock.

We look forward to welcoming you to our fully insured and  licenced doggy des res soon.

Thank you for reading and do check the pictures and glowing words from some of our friends in the gallery section.