Charlie's Ark - Belper

A holiday home for your dog

Licensee Ric Reader   

Licence ref: 18/07368/ANIWELL

Awarded 5 star licence by Amber Valley Borough Council


Awww Ric, you're ace.  I don't know what you did to Jazzie but I've never known him soooo chilled out.  I think he is totally pooped from all the attention.  Thanks a million xxx


As always lovely photos.  You all seem to be having a fab time although I think you must be a little mad with all those puppies to look after, then thinking again you are the dog mummy and daddy of Belper!  Jakey looks so chilled out, I'm a little worried he won't want to come home. Love to you all xxx


Hi Ric,, Holly made lots of new friends and had lovely walks with Charlie, Candy & Amber. She was thoroughly spoilt.  Thank you again for the love you showed her. She will always be our little girl who never grows up.


Hi Uncle Ric, I am so excited that once again I am coming to stay for a few days while my mum has what she calls her "me time".  Well that's ok by me as I love coming to see you.  I get lots of fabulous walks with my pals and get to stay in a home from home environment with caring wonderful humans (in case you were wondering that is of course you two!)  Thank you, lots of waggy tails from Brinkley and hugs from my very happy mummy Mary.


Dear Ric  just wanted to thank you both.  Poppy obviously had a great time, this being our first time leaving her for longer than a day.  I was a little worried, I'm not sure why, but the regular photos and updates were very reassuring, seeing photos of her running around with her friends made all the difference.  She looks forward to coming every week for her play away day and can't wait to get to your door as soon as she gets out of the car.  I am so happy we found her a home from home.  Thank you again, Janet.

Candy & Amber

"My two girls, Candy and Amber (Cavalier King Charles Spaniels) stayed with Uncle Ric at Charlie's Ark for several nights. I was mega apprehensive leaving them as in the past they'd been in kennels which wasn't a pleasant experience! I was really pleased with the loving care, long walks and fuss they received, which is evident from the many photos which Ric kindly emailed. They'll definitely be returning, no more kennels for them! Thank you so much for going that extra mile, literally! xx.


"Oh thanks Ric. Lucy told me that she dragged her down the street and up to your door, even though she'd only been on that first visit. It must have been her best holiday without us. If she could talk she'd be asking when we were going away again so she could come again! Xxx"

Winston & Humphrey

Hahahahaha fabulous photos of our fabulous day! Thank you soooo much Uncle Ric for all the fun xxxx


Thank you,  I have two very happy sleepy boys xxxx


Hi Uncle Ric,

I am missing you all, I really enjoyed my stay with you.

But most importantly I am e mailing to say what a super surprise the present was. I am really enjoying the treats and it helps to make up for missing the party. Tell Charlie thanks for sharing his home and see you soon

Lots of love from Daisy xxxx

 A big thank you again to Ric and Charlie for looking after Daisy while we were away. She is always happy to come to you and as the photos show she really loves her time with you.

We don't know how you create such a calm and peaceful atmosphere among your visitors, but we don't think Daisy is alone in feeling at home, special, secure and happy.

Well done Ric and Charlie and thank you very much.


Thanks for the photos, looks like Jamie's leading the pack with your friend, we certainly did not worry about him being off the lead as long as you were in control, you are the Governor Ric!

Tammy & Bella

Thanks so much for part two of Tammy and Bella's stay with you.

These photos are so lovely of the dogs in the park on a walk.. We will definitely be in touch with you again as and when the need arises and will most definitely recommend you to my friends as well!!


Charlie's Ark is truly a 'Home from Home' for dogs. Ric takes such good care of all his charges that whilst away, I thought about my dog, Heidi, I didn't worry. I came home to a happy, lively dog who has made friends, exercised well and will no doubt return to Ric and all her new friends whenever the need arises.


Ric is a kind, generous man that goes out of his way to make our cocker spaniel feel like she is at home from home. Lilo loves to spend the week or just the odd day. We feel content that our beloved pet is happy and very well looked after when we have to leave her.

Poppy & Amber

I am so glad I found Charlie's Ark. My two Cavaliers have been to stay with Ric twice now and have been so well looked after; long walks and lots of love. I definitely recommend Charlie's Ark for peace of mind; knowing that your dogs are happy whilst you are away is a great relief.


Our puppy Phoebe was only 7 months old when I had to travel with work. Charlies Ark was the perfect solution while other family members were at work. From the very beginning Phoebe was settled and happy. She benefitted greatly from interacting with the other dogs and loved Charlie. Rik provides a wonderfully caring, attentive and homely environment for all his doggy guests. Phoebe was well cared for, as if she was a member of the family and she adored Rik. I will certainly use Charlie Ark again and recommend it highly... You couldn't do better.


My dog Tilly stayed a long weekend with Ric & Charlie, she had a fabulous time with lots of fun walks & love. Very homely that Tilly settled straight in. Would definitely recommend to anyone.


I've just seen the pictures, thank you :-) he looks like he is having a great time :-) its so nice to have complete peace of mind that my baby is being looked after thank you so much :-) x


Henry had a wonderful holiday with you and the other dogs, and he definitely wants to come back.  He has been contentedly tired since he came back - were they up partying all night?!?


My dog Heather went to stay at Charlie's Ark. She loved it and when I returned from Jamaica she had more pictures of herself enjoying her break than I did. She had such fun playing with the other dogs and going on long walks with them. Ric is just totally devoted to the dogs he has in his care. My only problem is if too many people find out how good he is Heather will never get another holiday there as he will be fully booked. Thank-you for making Heather's stay so special.

Poppy, Oscar, Cherie & Harry

Dear Uncle Ric,,

Thank you so much for letting us stay with you all at Charlie's Ark.  We have had a waffly hollibobs and Camp Wotsit has been just paws.  We have had the times of our lives, our mom loved our blog updates and we have made an album of our hollibobs with the pictures you took of us and our furriness on our Facebook page.  Lots of wuff from Poppy, Oscar, Cherie & Harry.

They adore you both, you should be very proud of the 5 star service you give - I am so glad I found Charlie's Ark. Cannot express my gratitude enough to you both.


I like the personal touch that you provide, which is your unique advantage in my opinion.  It is clear you really love the dogs and that's exactly what you want when you leave your loved one behind.


A big thank you to Ric at Charlies Ark , great to find a real home from home for my Cavalier King Charles, Rolo.  Lots of great walks and affection from both Ric and Linda, true dog lovers, love the photos and thanks for the reassuring texts while we were away . Would highly recommend Charlies Ark ,and are looking forward to Rolo's next stay .


Hi Ric  - Thanks for these they're brilliant! Can't believe how much bigger Winnie is looking these days, though still little compared to some of the doggies! Thanks as always for having her, she loves it!


Ben had a great time staying with Uncle Ric.. He settled well and would be happy to go back anytime to see his friends. Although Ben was not able to go on long walks due to his age, this was not a problem as he was able to plod around the garden with his four legged friends.


Molly has stayed at Charlie's Ark a few times and I have every confidence that she is looked after well. She is quite nervous so a normal kennels would not be suitable for her. I know she has been well cared for by Ric; plenty of walks and love and she has settled quickly each time she's stayed. She's already booked in for her next stay!


Judy my westie is 13 years old and  has never been left before, she loved staying here she was treated like she is at home. I can strongly recommend Uncle Ric.. It is so good I have booked up for next year although I will be using them this year again.


Hi Ric &  Linda - thanks for the wonderful photos.  She looks, as I expected, to have had a wonderful holiday with you. Absolute doggy heaven!!! Excellent walks, new friends and lots of care and love. Tilly came home soooo chilled out and happy! I know she has a great time because she gives you licks when I pick her up.  Keep her sofa warm! Thank you so much!


Hi Uncle Ric  - Thank you for looking after me so well when my Mum went away.  I had a lovely time with  my new friends and we had some lovely play times and walks together.  I  hope I shall meet up with you again one day so we can have some  more fun.  Lots of love from Theo.


We just wanted to thank you so much for all the love, care and attention that you gave to Barney whilst he was on holiday with you.  We could tell he had a fabulous time and was very well looked after, in fact he came back to us in better condition than when we dropped  him off.  Thank you  too for the lovely photos of Barney out and about with  his chums, it is really good to know that he has been exercised well and out in the country which he enjoys so much.  When we collected Barney it was obvious he was very settled and had made himself at home with you and Charlie - we hope he hasn't been too cheeky, we are so pleased and relieved that you are able to look after Barney for us.  He clearly loves you and is missing his second home and new friends.  Barney is already looking forward to his next holiday with you.  You are brilliant!


Thank you very much for giving our Cavalier, Cooper, a lovely holiday whilst we went away.  We did not want him to stay in kennels as he is used to permanent company.  Staying with Uncle Ric  was ideal for him as he loved the company of the other dogs and long walks.  Ric text us after a couple of days which we found very reassuring and sent photos of the gang playing together.     

We really hope to send him again next year.


We have just been looking at the adventures Benji had with you - looks like he had a brilliant time - he's come home happy and tired - wow the photos are brilliant, really pleased with them - thank you so much for looking after him - it's fine letting him off the lead so don't worry about that - this is the longest we had left him so felt a little anxious leaving him but would not be worried at all about leaving him again with you. Thanks again Ric.


Thank you so much Uncle Ric  for looking after me while Mummy and Daddy went away. I had such fun playing with my new friends, having great walks in lovely fields, and best of all getting to sleep in a proper human bed like I do at home. My mummy and daddy told me you sent emails to them to let them know I was ok, I know this meant the world to them, thank you. I’ve been promised that I can come again soon and I can’t wait!!! Love Alfie

Bogdan & Ted

Hi Ric., Tthe pictures you so kindly sent to us are brilliant.  Dennis and I laughed so hardat the boys tactics and your solution to it - we are wondering if you could do the same for us humans?! Thank you so much for the updates, it is marvellous to know that they are having such a great time with you.


Thank you both for looking after Barnaby.  He had a wonderful time and I was ableto enjoy myself safe in the knowledge that he was being taken care of by you.  He is so adorable.  Thank you again....a message from Barnaby "woof woof, lick lick, kiss, kiss".

Welcome to a gallery of some of our friends ....... many of their mums and dads have become friends too and join us on walks now and then ...... the top picture (and quite a few others) shows us with our greatest fan Linda .... she was so keen that she became a fully paid up fully licenced member of the Charlie's Ark team for 4 of our years ...... sadly her husband's retirement has brought that to a close now but her influence and  great memories stay with us always